History of the Golf Club


The Company Directors formed a Sports and Social Club in 1938 to provide recreational facilities for the workforce.   One of the sporting sections was Golf together with Walking, Bowling and Fishing.  Sadly all of the Clubs no longer exist except the Golf Club, that still thrives today.


With a grant from the Company, the Directors and Staff formed a formal Golf Club in 1941.   Its aim was to promote the sport of golf and to ensure friendly competition amongst its membership.  The local municipal courses were used for its competitions including the first trophy donated to the Club “The Monkwood Trophy”.


In 1942, a vote of the membership at the Annual General Meeting, elected the Belleisle Golf Course as the “Home” course, but it was only for the Club’s premier fixtures. befitting of the course itself.    Registration for handicapping purposes was applied for and granted in this year


Whilst the Company has had many owners including British Steel, GKN Nettleford, Imatra Steel of Sweden and finally Bharat Forge of India (the second largest forging Company in the World), the Golf Club has retained and maintained its name and traditions for the seventy six years of its existence.


The Company reached its peak in the mid-sixties when there were over 2,000 employees on the site, however by 2009 that number was is in the region of 200.   The Golf Club had also seen a reduction in its membership from a peak of 190 to its current consistent membership of around 30 playing members.


The criteria for being a Full member of the Club since 1941, was that a person had to be a current or ex-employee of the Company.   The Constitution was amended in 1963 to allow, under certain circumstances, individuals that had business connections with the Company, to be able to seek and obtain membership of the Club, but they would have no voting rights and not hold office within the Club.


The closure of the factory in 2010 meant that if the Club was to continue it would need to change the criteria for full membership.  A change to the Constitution removed the restrictions for membership and was amended to open membership to all, together with a new admission process.


The Club had Scottish Golf registration until 1979.  An application to renew our Scottish Golf affiliation in 2002 was approved and Ayr Belleisle course was to become the Club’s home course again.  This approval was subsequently withdrawn and our registration was amended so that our “home” course became Ayr Dalmilling. However, we have been granted permission to return to our former Home course, Belleisle effective January 1st 2018


Today, all SGL Qualifying competitions are played from the “white” tees and the Club plays for 45 trophies.


Throughout the years of existence, the Club’s fixture list included competitions on all of the now South Ayrshire Council courses (subject to individual course availability).  


The Club this year celebrates its 77th Anniversary and whilst Scottish Stampings Limited factory has been lost forever, the Golf Club continues to thrive by promoting friendly competition amongst its Membership and with local and other Clubs.  


The original name for the Club was the Neptune Works Golfing Society.  In 2006 it changed its name to the Neptune Works Golf Club and in 2011 to the Ayr Neptune Golf Club


A new Club crest was designed to depict the Factory Trade Mark of the “Capstan”.


Should you require any further information about the Club, then contact the Secretary at secretary@neptunegc.co.uk or visit the website www.neptunegc.co.uk  




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