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1. A Member who has not previously held a CONGU handicap is required to submit three cards in order to obtain a handicap.   At least one will be in a Club Qualifying competition, played from the White Medal Tees..   The remaining play can be from the Yellow Medal tees in NON  Club Qualifying competitions and a fellow member should sign the card.   The three cards must be submitted within a six month period.


2. A Member who finds his handicap ‘lapsed’ following the Annual Review is required under the CONGU handicapping regulations to return three scores before his handicap can be re-instated, at least one will be in a Club Qualifying competition.   Play and submission of cards will be as detailed in item 1. 


3. All cards must be filled in correctly with name, date, tee used, and the competition declared as “For Handicap ONLY” and signed otherwise they will not be accepted.   Forward your card to the Club Secretary or hand to any Committee member.  The cards will be processed as soon as possible. When all cards have been submitted the Club Secretary will advise you of your handicap.


4. A Member cannot compete in any club competitions except a Club Qualifying competition (for handicapping purposes only) until he has regained/obtained his handicap.


5.          All queries should be addressed to the Club Secretary

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