Rounded Rectangle: The Neptune Works Golf Society was founded in 1941.  Since that date the name has changed several times, to the name today of Ayr Neptune Golf Club which is an SGL Registered Club, playing most of their competitions over the South Ayrshire Council Golf courses.
The Club’s HOME COURSE is Belleisle.
The Club is very active as it has been since its inception and has a competition almost every weekend.
The Club was originally for current and former employees and their families of the Company at Neptune Works in Ayr.  Since the closure of the Company and the demolition of the site, the Constitution has had to be revised so that additional members can be elected to the Club.  It is hoped that this will maintain an active membership for the years to come.

The Monkwood Trophy the oldest competition in the Club that has been competed for since 1941.  From 1941 to 1969 the trophy was competed for twice a year, but since 1970 it has become an Annual event.
The Club now has a limited number of vacancies for new members
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